Mar 192015
Fresh eyes on end behavior of rational functions

Over the past few years of teaching precalculus regularly, I've experimented with a variety of approaches to rational functions in an attempt to find one that will result in students discovering and eventually truly understanding how the equation of a rational function determines its graph. I have never felt very successful. Too many students get confused somewhere along the way, come to [...]

Aug 142012
Hooray! I can embed a GeoGebra applet!

Starting with a tweet yesterday from John Golden (@mathhombre) How to Insert an iFrame into a WordPress Post for @geogebra, ggl docs, etc. #edtech HT @mike_geogebra — John Golden (@mathhombre) August 13, 2012 I followed a trail which (thanks to a comment from Pete Bocken on the post that John Golden linked to) led [...]