Hooray! I can embed a GeoGebra applet!

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Aug 142012

Starting with a tweet yesterday from John Golden (@mathhombre)

I followed a trail which (thanks to a comment from Pete Bocken on the post that John Golden linked to) led me to the WordPress plugin EmbedIt Pro by SuperThemes, which has allowed me to do something which seems like it ought to be simple, but has frustrated and stymied me up until now: embed a GeoGebra applet in a WordPress post! With EmbedItPro, it really couldn't be simpler. Install and activate the plugin, click on HTML Snippets, paste in your HTML code, publish that, and get a snippet to embed in the visual post editor. Voilà!

[embedit snippet="particle-on-a-line-geogebra"]

Thank you SuperThemes!

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  1. and another question (!!) what's the name of your wp theme? i like it so much!!!
    thanks !

  2. hello!
    I'm very impressed!! i try unsuccessfully for a long time !!!! i actived the plugin. but which party of the code html do you paste ???only code between both tags "applet" ?or more?
    do you change the name of the codebase ? and also the name of file .ggb in "param name="name of my file ggb"?
    i imagine you export you workshhet ?
    if yes do you store the 6 .jar files, the .ggb file and the .html file in a directory (code base?) at the root of you site????
    J hope that you can help me. It's been days that I try to make it. In the expectation. Cordially
    sorry for the english. i'm french !!!

    • Pascale,

      You never actually export a GeoGebra file, though you do start by choosing Export Dynamic Worksheet as Webpage. On the Advanced tab, the default value on the dropdown menu in the lower right is “File: html”. Change this to “Clipboard: html”. This will replace the button labeled “Export” with a button labeled “Clipboard”. When you click this button, the code you need is copied to your clipboard and you just paste into the HTML Snippets area on your WordPress dashboard. After I did this and pasted the shortcode generated by the plugin into my WordPress post, the applet ran.

      The only problem I had was that the font information in HTML code generated by GeoGebra changed the font on my entire site. I fixed this by removing the style information in the header section of the code that I pasted from the clipboard. This fixed that minor problem. I didn’t change anything else in the code that I pasted.
      I hope this makes sense even though you’re working in a different language! Bonne chance!


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  4. This is super awesome. I'm hoping I can get our IT folks on board with letting me install the plug-in. Thanks for sharing!

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